GT 5.2 Turismo gastronómico

Ann Ndeke (Technical University of Kenya)

Social Networks Analysis has been suggested as a tool for identifying roles of multi-stake holder contributions to common development agenda within tourism destinations. Gastronomy tourism has been successfully implemented as a measure to revitalise economies of tourism in destinations worldwide. Performance of business in tourism destinations is an indirect reflection of how attractive to tourists the region is. Thus, this research identifies the type of social network relations between gastro-enterprises in Mombasa County and how these networks affect the business performance of these enterprises. The purpose of this study to analyse categories of social networks amongst gastro-enterprises in Mombasa County; and to determine relationship between networks structures of gastronomic enterprises and business performance. The study will use a mixed methods sequential exploratory approach. Purposeful sampling of gastro-entrepreneurs operating within the county and Destination Management Organisations (DMO’s) will be made. Qualitative data will be collected from focus group discussions, semi-structured interviews, and observations. The data will be analysed thematically. A survey will also be used to reveal business gains from these social networks using selected business performance variables. These will be correlated using Spearman Ranks coefficient. The sample frame for this study will include: gastro-enterprises, and public Destination Management Organisations (DMO’s) in Mombasa County of Kenya.

Palabras clave: Social Networks, business performance, gastro-enterprises